Gotta have it: Snow Peak cutting board set

A great knife doesn’t need to be expensive to fit the need, take the Morakniv line of knives, or mora for short, as an example. And while this knife may be intended mostly for survival and backpacking purposes, it is so well made and reasonably priced that it makes it a go-to choice for bushcraft aficionados all around.
When it comes to outdoor cooking knives, there is nothing more satisfying to a cook than having a sharp and versatile knife at hand. Same rules apply, as a durable and well priced knife go a long way out in the wild.


A great surface even when rolling pasta.

And with a great knife, any cook needs a solid surface to chop, dice, mince, roll and mix on. As it so happens that I recently came across the Snow Peak cutting board set at their their store in my hometown of Portland. I immediately fell in love with the craftsmanship and ergonomics behind this set, and at a decent price point. I also trust a company that has been making products for over fifty years, with sound manufacturing and a hint of Japanese aesthetic.

Both models on display, the smaller cutting board set M, and the larger, set L.
Prior to acquiring the Snow Peak set I’ve been using my handy Joseph Joseph cutting board for years, which is also a great camping option.

For a while now my wife and I have been trying to consolidate and streamline our camping gear. This set is perfect as it conveniently folds without taking up much room while safely concealing the knife inside its case. 


In addition to serving as a solid cutting board, it can also be used for plating and serving purposes. If I had my wish, I would include a way to lock the cutting board when unfolded as in the example below. This way it wouldn’t collapse on itself when eating on an irregular surface. But aside from that I definitely recommend this cutting board set, especially when cooking in the great outdoors.


: Jaime

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