Rogue Barbecue

apples2 This year, Zara and I decided to see our families for the holidays. One of our first stops was at her mom’s in Grants Pass, famous for its world-class rafting on the beautiful Rogue River and the nearby Oregon Caves. bridge

Spotting an acorn woodpecker storing acorns in Ponderosa pine trees.
Bald-faced hornet nest.
mountain lion at Wildlife safari in Roseburg.

fox On the last night, we had a nice dinner with family at the Zara’s uncle’s place in Merlin, featuring some BBQ baby back ribs. I enjoyed chatting with the patriarch, Jerry, about his go-to sauce and deep pit techniques as he manned his home-made grill, complete with a hand crank and what resembled a bicycle chain. The hand crank allows for optimum temperature control by lifting the meat closer or further away from the hot coals. This reminded me of one of my favorite grills, which is similar in principle. bbq P1030111 bonfire Looking forward to what the next family meal brings. : Jaime

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