Our Istrian hilltop wedding

I never imagined that I would ever get married, but then one night she walked into the bar. On that same foggy San Francisco evening I asked Zara if she would go to the zoo with me, a legitimate request, mind you. It goes without saying that she turned me down on the spot. A few weeks later as she was dining with some of her Designer comrades I approached her table in a room full of patrons and handed her a clichéd red rose, while wearing a Mexican luchador mask. Once again I asked her if she would do me the honor of taking her to the zoo and before she could give me an answer I went on my merry way. At the time it felt like a bold move, but in retrospect maybe it wasn’t the best idea as I recall the waitress’ startled expression as soon as I entered the Mexican restaurant.

During one of our first trips to New York City we walked down the Brooklyn bridge and were taken by a wonderful sight of love padlocks. She was touched, turned to me and promised that one day we would have a lock with our names on it. Two years later, on May fourth of 2012, I asked Zara for her hand in marriage (via a message on a lock) as we walked on the Brooklyn bridge towards Williamsburg. There is now a lock on that bridge with my proposal written on it.


In over four years together, my best friend and I have danced in New Orleans, swam in Amazonian waters and secret cenotes, clocked in thousands of miles on the road, camped out in the great outdoors on countless occasions under a blanket of shimmering stars, and meandered through the vibrant streets in old Jerusalem, amongst many other adventures. And we are just getting started. With joyous hearts we invited some of the most important people in our lives to bear witness on that Istrian hilltop. The year before, Zara and I were on a quest traveling South towards the Dalmatian coast to fulfill a promise, and on our way there we stayed in the enchanting medieval hamlet of Motovun. We were so enamored by this quaint town and its surroundings that I quickly turned to her and said this it it! It felt like this place chose us, and exactly a year later we returned to Motovun. motovun motovun3


Motovun house Of course, no wedding ever goes completely as planned, and on that day I almost didn’t make it to my own. Food is such as integral part of any occasion and as we were offering a spread in addition to a roasted suckling pig, I had to go down to the farm and observe the process. Motovun farm farm farm However, what I didn’t anticipate was that my friend Klaudio and I had completely underestimated the amount of time it took to get to and from the farm. Admittedly everyone knows that I’m always running on Peruvian time, but this was a close one so we rushed back to the house just in time as the guests were starting to trickle in.

Klaudio and I heading over to see the farmer, Mauro.

dresses Zara&Rodney2 After reciting our vows we celebrated the night away in the presence of family, old and new friends. We wouldn’t have been able to pull off our day if it wasn’t for our closest friends who quickly dropped everything to assist us in greeting guests, and decorating the house for the grand occasion. We will forever be grateful for their help. House4 friends

Our dear friend David, gracefully officiated the wedding and hand-picked the flower arrangements from the valley itself.
Our dear friend David, gracefully officiated the wedding and hand-picked the flower arrangements from the valley itself.

House5 friends2 House7

We couldn’t have picked a better person to cater our wedding. Klaudio’s restaurant, Mondo Konoba, provided an amazing spread.

pig1 mami familia truffles Tina,-Zara-and-Erin2 House3 Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you… : Jaime

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