Home-made Camp Stove

DYI Stove

There are a wide variety of campfire cooking stoves in the market, but this home-made version is pretty efficient considering it takes less than twenty minutes to make with just a few simple tools.

What I like about this stove created by Tom Allen is its light weight including the fuel, which makes it a great option when backpacking in the woods. Speaking of fuel, we highly recommend using medical rubbing alcohol which can be easily distinguished once lit by smothering the flame with a container so no more oxygen flows in. Whatever you do please stay away from fuels like gasoline or kerosene!

Step 1

Cut the can in half with scissors and leave about two inches from the bottom while maintaining an even height around the entire can. Repeat the same step with the top part of the can. You can also use a sharp knife if in a bind, but scissors definitely work best.


Step 2

Cut the top of the can and push in any left over sharp ends you may have missed. Be careful not to crush the can in the process.


Step 3

Take the top of the can and with the back of your knife, dent the can carefully at the bottom of the entire circumference, and spread this out about an inch apart, from start to end.



Once it’s lit, the ridges will act in the form of conductors, but you should position your top half can inside the bottom piece for it to work properly.

Step 4

The last step is to add a tiny hole at the top of the can once both pieces are slid into place. You want to perforate the metal through and add just a very small hole. Following this you can add some rubbing alcohol before lighting up the stove.


As convenient as this stove is for cooking purposes while trekking light, it can also come in handy in potential survival situations.


: Jaime

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