On our first camping trip together, my wife Zara and I discovered that making delicious, healthy meals doesn’t have to take a considerable amount of work and the process is really fun, especially when enjoying the experience with others. With basic materials, ingredients, and some creativity, I believe that anyone can enjoy wonderful food while exploring the great outdoors.

3000 Acre Kitchen is where I share my adventures in cooking outdoors. Whether it is while camping in a secluded forest, hiking up a volcano or just grilling in my own backyard, there is great joy in making these meals satisfying, flavorful, and memorable.

I am an avid hiker and camper, have worked in various kitchens and was trained as a sous chef. I’m also a UX designer living in the glorious city of Portland, Oregon.


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The typeface used in the identity is Brownstone Sans, created by our friend Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos.

3000 Acre Kitchen (3KAK) identity created by yours truly.

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