Gotta have it: Kuhn Rikon Knives


There are a only a small handful of essential kitchen prep tools one will need for venturing outdoors, a considerable amount nice-to-haves and of course those that fall into the ‘totally unnecessary’ category (I’m looking at you avocado slicer). One item that I consider to be essential is a great knife (or two), that is versatile, sharp and long-lasting. My go-to choice knives when we go camping are the Kuhn Rikon series.


Once upon a time I too was guilty of lugging around really cruddy serrated knives from IKEA. The only justification for this choice, in my opinion, is the price point (and laziness). But really great stuff can be found for close to the same low cost, and the difference in construction and material does matter. Think about your beautiful tomatoes. Do it for them.




In our gear box, we always carry at least one Kuhn Rikon paring knife ($10) and one Santoku ($17) to serve as a mini chef’s knife. They are fantastic for a number of reasons, but the most obvious one is the plastic sheath that slips over the blade — great for both safe storage and extending the life of the stainless steel blade. These Swiss-made precision knives are super light-weight which should appeal to the backpackers and minimalists, non-stick, durable and come in lots of bright colors. I have purchased mine at the local Sur la table, but they are easily accessible online through Amazon as well with the option of buying in sets. Happy slicing and dicing!

: Zara

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