Easy-peasy campfire croissants

In my day-to day life at home or traveling, I typically just won’t eat many processed foods, if any, if I can help it. But sometimes while camping with friends, it doesn’t hurt to bring along a couple of items that make life a little easier with limited tools that ultimately pleases everyone. For this post, I’m specifically talking about ready-to-bake crescent rolls, or croissants. You know them, the ones that pop right out of a can (admittedly in such a delightful way).

I first got the idea from a blog post that I stumbled upon when looking for campfire biscuit ideas. What I found was a brilliantly simple and really fun way to snack over a fire. While I still haven’t tried this, I had to give it credit for inspiring a quirky snack while at Kirk Creek.

Both shots above by buckminsterfullerene

With the intention of making those braided-bread beauties, I picked up a couple of cans of a more natural alternative to the famous Pillsbury crescent rolls. Anticipating a little dryness to the campfire rolls, I decided to make a little strawberry jam the night before.

It was pretty simple really, I roasted a bunch of strawberries in the oven for about 45 minutes at low heat, with some drizzled honey and a wee bit of Lucero’s Fig Balsamic vinegar. The aroma from that will make you want to do it every day, the kitchen smelled amazing.

After a bit more heat on the stovetop, with an orange peel to thicken it up, and a little white wine to simmer it in, my totally made-up strawberry jam was ready to go for the following day’s feast outside. 

Tip: In addition to the subtle citrus accent, orange peel works as a great thickening agent given the natural pectin found in the rind.

Kirk creek sits right on the cliffside of the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, and this area in particular doesn’t have a lot of trees. The only problem this really presents to campers is a) No wind-blockers, and b) no sticks for campfire cooking.

This meant I couldn’t show off my newly acquired crescent roll recipe on a stick. but not to worry, we had plenty of cast iron and I quickly came up with a back-up plan which thoughtfully utilized the jam I had made. So as an alternative, I spread 1 spoonful of the jam mixture before rolling the crescents up. 

Once the skillet was hot enough to cook on, I placed them right on the pan with a little bit of vegetable oil so they wouldn’t stick. Cook until brown and serve hot; this should hold up for your company until the main course is ready.

: Zara

Crescent pastry (on stick) photos by buckminsterfullerene.

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