Bring on the froth

Zara taught me a neat little froth-making trick that I thought I’d share with you all. If you need to top off a latte or café au lait while in the outdoors, simply pour some warm or cold milk in a french press and pump up and down to generate the right amount of froth. 

When it comes to coffee roasts, San Franciscans can’t get enough of Blue Bottle, Ritual, Sight Glass or Four Barrel. Everyone stands in their own warring camp in support of their favorite cup o’ joe. A while back; however, I discovered an amazing up-and-comer around the corner at our local spot, Cafe Sophie.

Meet Verve Roasters, from Santa Cruz. Aside from their noble business practices, neat packaging and clearly articulated roasting process, they just make darn great coffee, equally enjoyed at home or near a camp fire. 

: Jaime

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