A 3000 acre kitchen

A 3000 acre kitchen

Tiny crabs can actually be eaten whole, so I learned.

The idea for this little project of ours was generated during our very first camping trip together, in one of the most beautiful places in the world and still a favorite location of ours for camping.

Kirk Creek Campground in Big Sur is one of those breathtakingly beautiful places that is simply unforgettable. Situated cliff-side on the Pacific Ocean, we enjoyed a few really gratifying meals all the while pelicans soared by and record-breaking mavericks-style waves crashed on the shore below.

Tip: While all camp spots are great, we recommend #19 for its spaciousness and amazing scenery, especially during sunset.


We knew early on in our relationship that food, and specifically cooking, was going to play a big role. With Jaime’s background and interest in the culinary world, and my life-long experiences in the outdoors (and really, let’s just admit it, my superior skill in fire-building), we quickly found that we were going to rock this unconventional kitchen outside. There were definitely a few rough patches and hurdles to overcome, such as when that certain someone didn’t bring the tent-fly in a known foggy, damp location in um, winter. Or the fact that we got to the site after 11pm in pitch-black darkness and struggled with the half-tent and all its Burning Man dust that “someone” had leftover from last year. Ahem … I digress. All this didn’t matter in the end, because that pitch-black darkness gave us the most amazing show of stars, and well, the food in the end trumped all obstacles. And we have some great stories to tell.
: Zara

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